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Clarkesville School of Dance Hello Jude
Clarkesville School of Dance Hello Jude
Clarkesville School of Dance Hello Jude


Our mission at Clarkesville School of Dance is to enrich the lives of children and adults through dance, to provide quality instruction, inspiring excellence.

Clarkesville School of Dance is North Georgia's premier studio offering beginner, intermediate and advance classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, acro, and contemporary dance.

Baby Ballet

Pre-Ballet This is a 45-minute class that incorporates the fundamentals of movement for the pre-school level. We give individualized attention to our youngest dancers. They learn ballet terminology &steps. We work on basic motor skills: running, skipping, hopping, leaping &jumping. This class develops not only movement, but individuality & peer group skills.



The foundation for all dance, contributes directly to the development of grace, poise, balance, flexibility, and discipline. We study the Balanchine theory of ballet which uses the fundamentals of the Russian theory. George Balanchine of the New York City Ballet had a special way of approaching his technique classes which gives the average dancer the abilities to look & perform with the grace of a professional.


Pointe is ballet taken to the highest level. In order to participate in a pointe class, a student must be evaluated by the Director. All Pointe students must take Classical Ballet in order to participate in Pointe class.


Tap is an American dance form that enables each dancer to become a musician with their feet! Rhythm and timing skills are essential to building a solid dance education. Classes offer an upbeat and fun approach to rhythm and tap dance (Broadway style, Rhythm tap and "Hoofin').


Jazz is a freestyle dance form that combines isolations, strengthening exercises, coordination and style. This jazz dance class offers a variety of styles vary from classical jazz, lyrical as well as musical theatre and original Broadway choreography.

Acro Dance
Acro Dance is the fusion of acrobatics and dance. All students will begin at level one and progress through the program. It is a testing program and no student will go on to the next level until they complete all fundamentals and skills in the previous level. When a student reaches level 2 Acro must be accompanied by a ballet and/or jazz class. It Consists of Cardio, Stretch, Strength, Limbering, and Balance. We are proud to be 1 or 16 schools in the state of Georgia to offer this program to your dancers.

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